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Norton Children’s Heart Center

Successful heart surgery fixed a hole in young Wells' heart

At the heart of every child is a champion. A champion deserves children’s heart specialists dedicated to providing a team approach to care at a children’s heart hospital.

Why Norton Children’s Heart Center for the heart care of your child?

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You would go to the ends of the earth to find the right heart care for your child. Your desire to find the solution your child’s needs is boundless, and we respect that. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place – right in the heart of Louisville.

Here you will find all the expertise and compassion needed to develop the right care plan for your child. With a long legacy of leading pediatric care, Norton Children’s Heart Center pursues our mission to keep the child – your child – at the heart of everything we do while supporting the needs of the entire family.

Here you will find all the care, treatment and support your child needs and deserves, provided by the most caring board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians, pediatric heart specialists and professional staff. Our team practices medicine with great skill, using advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures to diagnose and treat pediatric congenital heart defects, heart failure in children and acquired pediatric heart conditions. Here you will find comprehensive, integrated care for infants, children, adolescents and adults, with the full assurance that throughout diagnosis and treatment, your child and your family will always remain our focus. Always.

From our heart to yours. The Heart Center’s multidisciplinary medical efforts include:

  • Heart care team
  • Complete pediatric cardiovascular program
  • Cardiovascular surgery service
  • Outpatient and diagnostic services
  • Tele-echocardiogram program
  • Cardiac catheterization program
  • Electrophysiology lab
  • Fetal cardiology program
  • Adult congenital heart care
  • Heart failure and transplant program
  • Integrated heart-care services