Congenital heart defects

Nearly one in every 100 babies is born with some type of heart defect, making congenital heart disease the most common birth defect.

These conditions develop as the baby’s heart grows during the first weeks after conception. Sometimes the heart’s development happens out of order or doesn’t fully progress.

The result can be one blood vessel instead of two, a valve that does not open, a hole between chambers of the heart or any mix of several defects. A defect can cause the heart to pump blood in multiple directions, resulting in too little oxygen going out to the body. During pregnancy, the baby relies on mom to deliver oxygen through the placenta.

The board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians at Norton Children’s are skilled at pinpointing the diagnosis — often before the baby is born. Our neonatology, cardiology, cardiothoracic and other specialty physicians work as a team to develop a tailored treatment plan.

Sometimes our cardiothoracic surgeons need to perform lifesaving operations shortly after birth. Other times, the condition only needs to be monitored or can be treated with medications.

Norton Children’s Heart Institute specialists have the experience and training to know when a condition is life-threatening and requires surgery and when a less-invasive approach is needed.

The specialists at Norton Children’s Heart Institute are prepared to treat a full range of congenital heart defects and abnormalities, including:

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