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El regreso a la escuela es el mejor momento de revisar la salud de tu hijo

This post is also available in English. Prepararse para regresar a la escuela es un momento ocupado para todas las familias, sin importar a qué grado esté entrando su hijo. A pesar de todo lo […]

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Diabetes can lead to depression among children and teens

Children with diabetes have a higher risk of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, and adolescents with Type 1 diabetes have five times the rate of depression than adolescents without Type 1 diabetes. Impacts of depression […]

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Cases of human parechovirus meningitis popping up locally

Federal health officials are warning doctors and parents about parechovirus, a virus that’s spreading across the U.S., including Kentucky. While symptoms typically are mild in older kids, parechovirus in newborns can be life-threatening. “In a […]

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What is a medical home? And why do you need one?

A medical home is not so much a place as a partnership — a team of pediatric care providers that knows your child’s health history and provides your child’s care as they grow. Your medical […]

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High blood pressure in teens can lead to serious health issues later

About 1 in 7 U.S. teens have high blood pressure or elevated blood pressure  – conditions that often have no symptoms and can lead to serious heart issues as they grow into young adults. Obesity [...]

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Removing pubic hair can have various health risks

If young women and teens feel pressured to follow certain trends or use certain products when it comes to genital hygiene and pubic hair removal, they should know there are some risks associated with these […]

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After building Norton Children’s Pulmonology from scratch, Nemr S. Eid, M.D., retires

When Nemr S. Eid, M.D., arrived in Louisville in 1988, he was the city’s only pediatric pulmonologist. For 10 years, he was on call around the clock, every day of the week, for children with […]

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Elementary students raise $40,000 for Norton Children’s Hospital

North Harrison Elementary School students raised $41,179.46 for Norton Children’s Hospital — the most the school has raised in more than 30 years of fundraisers. The Ramsey, Indiana, students raised $41,179.46 for Norton Children’s Hospital […]

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Norton Children’s Heart Institute’s Owensboro location treats children with heart defects close to home

It all started with a routine ultrasound. Chelsea Rusher, who was pregnant with her son, Baylor, was getting a 20-week anatomy scan. During the scan, the provider noticed a complication: It appeared the baby would […]

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New West Louisville hospital offers patients better access to healthcare – and hope

When Regina-Riley Smith has a doctor’s appointment, it usually means having to take the entire day off from work. In order to make it to her appointment on time, she has to leave 45 minutes [...]

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Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, Norton Healthcare break ground on $100 million Norton Healthcare Goodwill Opportunity Campus

Today, Goodwill Industries of Kentucky and Norton Healthcare broke ground on the Norton Healthcare Goodwill Opportunity Campus at 28th Street and Broadway that will include a 120,000 square-foot opportunity center and the first hospital west of Ninth Street in […]

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Your child’s pediatrician can begin treatment for headaches in children

When children have headaches or migraine, it is usually not necessary to make an appointment with a neurologist right away. A pediatrician often can begin treatment for a child’s headache or migraine attack, which may […]

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Updated child developmental milestone guidelines can improve early detection of autism, developmental disabilities

What are developmental milestones? A child’s milestones, such as speaking their first word or taking their first step, can be an exciting time for parents, but these moments also serve as important clues that a […]

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Summer break means it’s time to schedule your child’s sports physical

Summer break is the best time to schedule a sports physical. At most schools, a sports physical must happen before a child can participate in sports or various extracurricular activities. Many elementary, middle and high […]

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Back-to-school time is the best time to check up on your child’s health

Getting ready to go back to school is a busy time for all families, no matter what grade their child is entering. Despite everything else on parents’ to-do lists, it’s important to check up on […]

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