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Family embraces clubfoot treatment for daughter

On Christmas morning, 2 year-old Mila Naik woke up without her clubfoot brace. She was not happy with her mom, Devin, who in the midst of Christmas Eve merriment, thought it best for Mila to […]

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Treating juvenile idiopathic arthritis when it strikes the eyes

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis can affect the child’s eyes. Uveitis — inflammatory eye disease — happens when the inner parts of the eye become inflamed. It isn’t usually painful, and the eyes aren’t usually red or […]

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Flu and vomiting: Stomach flu or influenza?

Flu is a word that is commonly used for influenza, an illness caused by a virus that causes symptoms in the nose, throat and lungs. Gastroenteritis, often called the “stomach flu,” is not the same [...]

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How to choose a pediatrician

Navigating a pregnancy, moving to a new city or even moving to a new neighborhood can cause a lot of upheaval for a family. Whether you’re choosing a pediatrician for the first time, looking to […]

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Dunkin joins Norton Children’s Hospital Emergency Department

Thanks to the generous support of PetSmart Charities, there’s a new furry staff member working in the emergency department at Norton Children’s Hospital. Dunkin, a highly-trained facility dog, and his handler, Cami Vereschagin, certified child […]

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Helping kids with pulmonary conditions accomplish their goals

Scott G. Bickel, M.D., was drawn to pediatric pulmonology by the bonds he would be able to develop with children and their families. He sums up his work as helping kids with pulmonary conditions lead […]

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La renuencia de obtener una vacuna del COVID-19 puede obstaculizar su efectividad

Public concern about the new COVID-19 vaccines represents a challenge to a key strategy in fighting the pandemic A medida la vacuna en contra del COVID-19 se encuentra en el horizonte, los doctores y oficiales [...]

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Kids may be feeling the pandemic stresses more than you realize — Here’s how to help them

There are ways to help children and teens with anxiety, stress and fear resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Kids may feel anxious even if they or their families haven’t had any direct exposure to the […]

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Congenital heart defects can go unnoticed into adulthood

Undetected congenital heart defects (CHD) are rare, but some babies can grow into adolescence or early adulthood before noticing any symptoms. Congenital heart defects affect nearly 1 out of every 100 babies born in the […]

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Families and children need psychosocial help getting through the pediatric cancer journey

Counseling children with cancer has become more important in recent years for a simple reason. It used to be that not many kids with cancer got to grow up. Now they do. That is great […]

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Giving spina bifida families the care they need

Ian S. Mutchnick, M.D., is on a mission to help spina bifida patients and their families navigate this complex health condition with ease. “I feel honored to be able to help families with what is […]

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Norton Children’s launches pediatric COVID-19 follow-up clinic

There’s a new option for kids with prolonged symptoms after COVID-19, the illness caused by the coronavirus. Norton Children’s Infectious Diseases, affiliated with the University of Louisville School of Medicine, has opened a COVID-19 Follow-up […]

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Bellarmine students holding sixth annual dance marathon for Norton Children’s

The Bellarmine University Dance Marathon (BUDM) will always be special to Katie Casale, because she has been on both sides of event — as an event founder when she was a student and now as […]

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What an asthma attack looks like in a child

An asthma attack in a child can be scary. Wheezing — a whistling sound especially when exhaling — is the classic sign of an attack or flare-up. Other common signs are coughing, chest tightness and […]

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Cruisin’ for a Claus has donated more than $35,000 worth of toys

One of the only things that Chris Gore and his friends love as much as cars is helping children in their community. Chris and many of his friends own hot rods or classic cars and […]

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