Injury Prevention

Learn how you can get involved in helping your community.

The injury prevention team at Norton Children’s is dedicated to reducing childhood injuries in Louisville, its surrounding counties and Southern Indiana. Unintentional injuries is the leading cause of fatalities in children from birth through age 19. The good news is most unintentional injuries are preventable through education and resources.

For over 30 years, the injury prevention team at Norton Children’s has provided education, resources and programming to families, schools and clinicians in our communities. Our programming is strategic and based on research, data and evidence-based best practices. By using these tools, we are able to provide a greater impact on the reduction of childhood injuries and fatalities.

We provide safety education on many topics, including:

Safety at home
Safety at home includes safe sleep, childproofing a home, preventing burns and fires, and internet safety.

Safety on the road
Whether you and your child are pedestrians or on the road as passengers or drivers, staying safe is essential.

About Injury Prevention and Safe Kids Louisville

The team serves as child advocates, working with policy makers and officials at the local, state and national levels. Advocating and effecting policy changes for the benefit and safety of children and their families is vital to their injury prevention work in the community.

Our community partners are vital to our mission of reducing childhood injuries and fatalities in our communities. Norton Children’s Hospital leads the Safe Kids Louisville coalition, which is part of Safe Kids Worldwide, a network of 400 local coalitions in the U.S. and partners with over 30 countries. The Louisville coalition is made up of agencies and organizations which are passionate in reducing the injuries and deaths of children in our communities. The Safe Kids Louisville coalition meets monthly to discuss injury trends and plan appropriate safety events.

If your community or organization would like to join the Safe Kids Louisville coalition, call (502) 629-7244 for more information. Meetings are held monthly.

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