Building Healthy Superheroes

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Building Healthy Superheroes (Kindergartners Only) Is Back!

For the fourth year, this program is completely virtual

The Building Healthy Superheroes field trip is a fun and interactive program designed for kindergarten students. The program teaches healthy and safe lifestyle choices for children.

The field trip has two areas: Wellness World and Safety City. As the students travel through Wellness World, they will learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, limiting screen time, being active, avoiding sugary drinks, taking care of their teeth and recognizing their emotions.

In Safety City, they will learn to always buckle up and use a booster seat; to use a bicycle helmet for every ride, every time; to never put their feet in the street until they have looked left-right-left and listened; and to crawl low in smoke in the event of a fire.

After the class completes an area, the teacher will receive an electronic badge, and the students will activate their healthy superpowers for the area. Once the class has received both badges and the students’ superpowers have been activated, they will be ready for the final stop, the Healthy Superhero graduation. During graduation, students will take the official Healthy Superhero pledge and transform into Healthy Superheroes! The teacher now may award their students with their very own Healthy Superhero cape!

Reasons to Host the Building Healthy Superheroes Virtual Field Trip

  1. It teaches kids important wellness and safety lifestyle habits through fun and interactive videos and learning activities with Max and the Defenders, a superhero and his puppet friends.
  2. It meets many of the Kentucky and Indiana academic standards for health education and physical education.
  3. It is a free program.
  4. It’s flexible! Teachers choose the week and format to host the program to fit their schedule.
  5. Kids earn their very own superhero cape!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I register?

  • You will receive a confirmation email once your registration is received.
  • The email will contain a link to download the teacher’s toolkit, which includes all materials needed to begin the virtual learning experience.
  • Graduation capes will be sent separately.
  • Be sure to complete the program by April 30, 2024.

What is included in the teacher’s toolkit?

  • Link to send to parents so they can grant permission for Norton Children’s to send them updates and information about what their child is learning in the program
  • Links to four 20- to 40-minute videos
  • Link to full-color activity sheets to download, copy and use or share on screen and discuss with the class
  • Ideas and resources for additional learning activities
  • Teacher survey link to provide feedback and share any special moments the teacher had with their class

The survey lets us know that you have completed the program, and when you submit it, you will be entered in a drawing for Amazon gift cards!

When do students receive their capes?

  • Capes will be mailed to teachers after registration. Expect them to arrive two to three weeks after the date of registration.
  • Teachers give out the capes to their students after completing the program.

When is the field trip?  

Teachers choose the dates and times convenient for their class’s schedule. The program can begin upon registering. The teacher toolkit can be used as a guide to help facilitate the class. A link to the toolkit will be included in the confirmation email.

Are incentives available for completing the Building Healthy Superheroes virtual field trip?

Yes!  All teachers who submit a completed survey at the end of the program will be entered in a drawing to win an Amazon gift card to help purchase supplies for their classroom. One $100 gift card and five $30 gift cards will be awarded at each drawing.  A bonus $100 gift card will be drawn for those who complete the program by Dec. 31, 2023. Amazon gift cards will be sent through e-mail.

There will be two drawings:

• Jan. 19, 2024: Winners announced for programs completed (rubrics and surveys received) between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, 2023

• May 10, 2024: Winners announced for programs completed (rubrics and surveys received) between Jan. 1 and April 30, 2024

What is the format of the virtual field trip? How long does it take? Who facilitates the program for the students?

The virtual field trip is facilitated by the teacher at their own pace in a format designed for flexibility.

It contains four modules:

  • Welcome to Norton Children’s Healthy Superhero Training Academy
  • Wellness World
  • Safety City
  • Healthy Superhero graduation and conclusion of program

The virtual field trip may be presented in a four-day or one-day format:

  • Four days: Students watch one 20- to 40-minute video per day, followed by interactive activities to reinforce the lessons learned. The activities can be completed with the teacher or as homework. Our recommendation is to complete the program in four consecutive days to build on and emphasize the lessons.
  • One day: The virtual field trip can be conducted as a traditional daylong program.

Who can register and how?

Teachers or educators of kindergarten students can register. Be sure to register each kindergarten class separately.

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