Norton Children’s Genetics Center

Norton Children’s Genetics Center, affiliated with the UofL School of Medicine, provides care for patients with a wide range of genetic conditions. Our multidisciplinary team of medical geneticists, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors and metabolic nutritionists offers a full range of services for the diagnosing, counseling and clinically managing children with genetic and congenital disorders and their families.

Why Choose Norton Children’s Genetics Center?

“Norton Children’s Genetics Center provides multidisciplinary treatment and therapy that’s tailored to each child’s diagnosis and needs. We provide comprehensive medical genetic consultations and services to pediatric patients and their families, as well as adults who have or are at risk for hereditary conditions. We aim to help children and families thrive.”

Joseph H. Hersh, M.D.
Chief, Genetics

What We Offer

We consult on and treat a wide variety of congenital and genetic conditions, including birth defects, developmental delays, dysmorphic features, intellectual disabilities, genetic syndromes and metabolic disorders. We also provide follow-up evaluations of abnormal newborn screenings.

Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team of medical geneticists, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors and metabolic nutritionists are highly trained and experienced in caring for a full range of genetic conditions.


Norton Children’s Genetics Center is located in the Novak Center for Children’s Health in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

Genetics Center – 0850

Norton Children’s Genetics Center

(502) 588-0850

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