Choosing the Right Pediatric Urgent Care Option

Urgent Care for Kids

In the event of an urgent medical issue, Norton Children’s and Norton Healthcare offer urgent care options. Visits are available online and in person, so you can call, video chat, walk in, save a spot in line or book an appointment at locations throughout Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana.

If your child needs nonurgent care, your first place to seek treatment should be the pediatrician who is part of your child’s medical home. For care outside of regular business hours, you can call your Norton Children’s pediatrician office to talk to the nurse triage line.

After-hours care also is available at Norton Children’s Medical Group – Shepherdsville. Appointments are available for current and new patients. Your child does not need to be a patient of Norton Children’s to receive care at our after-hours location.

For serious or life-threatening medical issues, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Where Can My Child Get Urgent Care?


Pediatric Urgent Care Options

  Norton Children’s Pediatrician Norton Immediate Care Center Norton Prompt Care Clinic Norton eCare Emergency
Condition/Illness Or Injury (Children Of All Ages) Ages 6+ Months and Older Ages 2 and Older Ages 2+ All Ages
Abscess needing drainage        
Allergic reaction (severe)/ anaphylaxis        
Animal bite        
Asthma attack (minor)    
Asthma attack (severe)        
Behavioral concerns (e.g.,ADHD, anxiety)        
Bleeding that won’t stop        
Breastfeeding support      
Breathing trouble        
Broken bone (fracture or minor break)      
Broken bone (bone sticking out of skin, major limb)        
Burn (minor)
Burn (severe)        
Cast problems (wet or soiled)        
Cold and/or congestion  
COVID-19 testing ✓*  
Cut (severe)        
Earache and ear infection    
Fever (child older than 2 months)    
Fever (child younger than 2 months)        
Head injury (major and/or loss of consciousness)        

Head injury (minor and without loss of consciousness)

Headache (migraine)        
Flu vaccine      
Insect bite  
Nausea or vomiting  
Poison ivy  
Poison ingestion        
Psychiatric evaluation not requiring immediate attention      
Psychiatric evaluation requiring immediate attention (suicidal thoughts or attempts)        
Respiratory infection    
Sore throat    
Sports and camp physical      
Sprain or strain    
Stomach pain (mild)    
Stomach pain (severe)        
Swimmer’s ear  
Urinary tract infection    
Wellness exam/annual physical        

*You can choose to see a Norton eCare provider virtually and then be referred to Norton Healthcare Express services for testing for things like strep, flu, COVID-19 and more

After your child receives care at a Norton Children’s or Norton Healthcare office, you will receive an after-visit summary in your child’s Norton MyChart account.