Newbie Nights

As you make your way through your second trimester, finding a pediatrician will have reached the top of your to-do list. You should ask other parents, friends, relatives and doctors you know for recommendations. Check with your health insurance company for a list of practices in your plan.

After you’ve narrowed your list, it really comes down to choosing the pediatrician and staff who understand you and the needs of your family — someone you feel confident about and are comfortable with. Meeting the providers and staff outside of a normal office visit can help.

Norton Children’s Medical Group hosts Newbie Nights for new parents, newcomers to the Louisville area and those who need a new pediatrician. Each month, Norton Children’s Medical Group practices set aside time for you to visit, ask questions and get to know the staff.

Newbie Nights aren’t an office visit, and there’s no charge. We keep the groups small so you get a chance to chat with the physicians, advanced practice providers and staff and ask questions. You can find a pediatric home for your child, from the first visit after baby is born through their teen years, to get advice and medical support as your child grows.

You’ll have time to ask about well-child visits, telehealth opportunities and who you’ll talk to should you be worried about a fever in the middle of the night.

Take the first step toward establishing a lasting relationship with a provider you can trust and turn to with questions.

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