Tooth Fairy Tips

Learn how to keep your smile healthy and bright

At Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness, we know every tooth counts when it comes to keeping children healthy. That’s why we partnered with the Tooth Fairy Team to help us teach children and their families about preventive dental care.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Here are easy tips and resources from the Tooth Fairy for keeping your teeth healthy and strong

The “2’s of Dental Health”

Brush your teeth 2 times a day for 2 minutes.

Whether there are two or 32, each tooth needs to be cared for. Make sure to brush in little circles where the tooth meets the gum and all over the tooth, including the tops where you chew. Make sure everyone in the family is using fluoride toothpaste to help protect teeth from cavities.

Visit the dentist 2 times a year by age 2.

Dental checkups starting at an early age are an important part of growing up healthy. The dentist will share information about taking care of teeth at home, and will check teeth for growth and development. If any cavities have begun, early detection usually means less treatment needed and less time in the dental chair. For example, a cavity caught early may take only a small filling. Younger children can have a difficult time communicating they are experiencing pain in their mouth, so prevention and early treatment is vital to their health and helping to build a positive experience at the dentist.

Ask your pediatrician about applying fluoride varnish at your next well-child visit.

Did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that fluoride varnish be applied 2 to 4 times per year by your pediatrician for children up to age 5? All Norton Children’s Medical Group pediatric offices are given education and training in preventive oral health, including applying fluoride varnish.

You’ve earned your Tooth Fairy Certificate!

Now that you’ve learned how to keep your teeth healthy and strong, you can get your Tooth Fairy Certificate and let everyone know that you will take care of your smile.

Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness and the Tooth Fairy Team

Once upon a time, the Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness tooth care expert, Angie, was babysitting for a little girl named Bela. When they were playing hide-and-seek, Bela’s tooth fell out and, in the excitement of the game, she lost it. They looked and looked but couldn’t find Bela’s tooth anywhere. Knowing a lot about teeth and having heard how kind the Tooth Fairy is, Angie decided to ask the Tooth Fairy to help Bela find her lost tooth. Angie wrote the Tooth Fairy a letter explaining what had happened and asked for help. Angie gave the letter to Bela to put under her pillow. The next morning, Bela woke up to find a note from the Tooth Fairy saying that Bela’s lost tooth had been found, and in its place was a gift.

A few nights later, Angie heard an unusual noise. When she looked up, there right in front of her was the Tooth Fairy! The Tooth Fairy asked Angie to join the Tooth Fairy Team, which helps teach families the importance of preventive dental health starting at an early age. Angie was given her Tooth Fairy Team wings and now works with Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness to teach children and their families how to lead a healthy lifestyle, starting with their smile.