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Health and wellness programs/workshops

Health educators from Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness offer wellness workshops in your health and physical education classroom, after-school events and summer programs.

Wellness workshops

  • Growing up Great
    • Puberty and Hygiene (fourth- and fifth-graders)
    • Girl Talk (fourth- and fifth-grade girls)
    • Boy Talk (fourth- and fifth-grade boys)
    • Teen Talk (ninth-graders and above)
  • Youth Making Smart Choices (middle school): Based on the National Institutes of Health’s “Media Smart Youth,” this program helps students recognize how media influences their health and decision-making.
  • Teen Wellness Workshops (high school): Peer education can support young people in developing positive group norms and making healthy decisions. This series empowers your students to become voices in your school to encourage healthy behaviors and decision-making. Workshops are offered as a four-part series, including Youth Making Smart Choices, Pedestrian Safety, Mental Health and Well-being, and a peer-led wellness campaign project.
  • All About Stress: Tools to reduce stress (middle-high school)
  • Open Airways (third- to fifth-graders):  A school-based asthma education series from the American Lung Association for students with asthma. Students learn asthma management including avoiding triggers, recognizing warning signs and solving problems related to asthma and asthma care. The Open Airways curriculum consists of six 40-minute group lessons.
  • 5-2-1-0 Assemblies (kindergarten to second-graders): Interactive assembly program teaching students important tips to becoming healthy and safe superheroes. Focused on the 5-2-1-0 rule and safety education, students join Nikki Nutrition on a superhero’s journey toward health!

The 5-2-1-0 rule

– 5 or more fruits and vegetables each day
– 2 hours or less of screen time daily
– 1 hour or more of physical activity daily
– 0 sugary soft drinks and sports drinks

To learn more or schedule a wellness program at your school, contact Nikki Boyd or call (502) 629-7346.

Classroom toolkits/resources

Pedestrian Safety Class registration
Children and Hospitals Week: Building Healthy Superheroes
Kohl’s Cares High Five Prevention Program
Safety City

Incorporating physical activity and mindfulness in the classroom

Additional resources

Alliance for a Healthier Generation
Shape America
USDA Food and Nutrition Service

Prevention & Wellness – 5437

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