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Here at the Norton Children’s Heart Institute, you will find a comprehensive array of advanced pediatric heart services, and compassionate care for a wide range of fetal, newborn and pediatric patients.

Our multidisciplinary team practices medicine with great skill. We use advanced diagnostic and surgical procedures to treat congenital heart defects and acquired heart conditions in children. We also provide lifelong follow-up care for adults with congenital heart disease. Our heart center truly provides care for a lifetime. From diagnosing a congenital heart defect before birth to caring for the adult needing follow-up later in life, we are your heart care partner for a lifetime.

Congenital Heart Program

Adult Congenital Heart Program
Lifelong follow-up care for adults with congenital heart disease.

Cardiac Catheterization Program
Minimally-invasive heart treatments and tests, using cardiac catheterization rather than open surgeries.

Electrophysiology Service
Treatment and diagnosis for children with heart rhythm problems.

Fetal Cardiology Program
Advanced diagnosis of heart defects before birth, and pregnancy management for high-risk mothers and babies.

Heart Failure Program
Diagnosis, treatment and life support as a bridge to recovery. Heart transplant for children in heart failure and lifelong follow- up care after transplant.

Heart Surgery Services
Pediatric cardiothoracic surgery to correct some of the most rare congenital heart defect.

Heart Transplant Program
Evaluation, waitlist, heart transplant surgery, recovery and follow-up care for children with end-stage heart failure.

Inpatient Cardiology Services

Non-Invasive Imaging

Diagnostic services

Pulmonary hypertension


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