Brave Hearts

Friends, fun and a future for pediatric heart patients

Brave Hearts is a support group of local families united by their children’s fight to overcome a complex congenital heart defect. These children often have endured multiple heart surgeries, heart transplants and other related medical issues.

The parents of these children have experienced the fear and uncertainty that comes with learning their child had a serious heart defect that required surgery. As a team, Brave Hearts provides support for families navigating this path. The Brave Hearts are here for them because they understand what they’re going through.

Connect with a Brave Hearts chapter today:

  • Louisville chapter (includes Louisville and surrounding areas)
  • Bowling Green chapter (includes Bowling Green, Kentucky, and surrounding areas)

Brave Hearts’ mission is to connect families, provide support for families facing a heart care journey and advocate through fundraising for future advancements in heart care.


One way Brave Hearts helps families is by creating a community. Through a variety of events and activities, each chapter connects families to others who are facing similar struggles but also celebrating the same type of triumphs. Each chapter hosts regular meetings and fun events for the entire family.

Camp Brave Hearts Family Retreat: Feb. 16 to 18

When a child faces a heart condition, it can affect the entire family. Camp Brave Hearts Family Retreat Weekend is designed to provide respite, recreation and support programs for families. The free weekend provides similar experiences as summer camp, as well as the opportunity for parents to gather and share similar life experiences. To qualify, a member of the immediate family, ages 5 to 17, must have a heart condition.

Camp Brave Hearts

Being average doesn’t seem like much to strive for, yet it can mean everything for children who yearn to do things that other kids do. Camp Brave Hearts gives these children that chance during a week at the Center for Courageous Kids in Scottsville, Kentucky. Children ages 6 to 16 who have congenital heart disease, require medical treatment for heart disease or have undergone heart surgery get to experience summer camp as it was meant to be — the adventure of a lifetime! Supported by a medical staff, a world class facility and financial support from Brave Hearts through the Children’s Hospital Foundation, children can pack their bags and set out for camp, free of charge. Submit an application today for summer camp.


For families facing a child’s heart defect or condition, it can be overwhelming and sometimes scary. While each child’s journey is different, many have similar procedures and experiences. Brave Hearts is a parent-led group filled with families just like yours. Through Brave Hearts, a family seeking support can be connected with a mentor family that can help answer questions, give tips and tricks for making it through and just be a listening ear when needed.

Advocate and raise funds

One in 100 babies is born with a congenital heart defect. Each member of Brave Hearts has a story to tell that can help advocate and raise dollars to help advance heart care. Through the Children’s Hospital Foundation, Brave Hearts exclusively raises funds to support the Norton Children’s Heart Institute.

Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

To meet the growing needs of children in our region, Norton Children’s Heart Institute plans to add the 15-bed Jennifer Lawrence Foundation Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. To make this vision a reality, the Children’s Hospital Foundation needs to raise $5.5 million in the next two years.

Brave Hearts’ goal is to raise $100,000 toward this effort and expand programs and facilities for children needing heart care in this region. Make a donation today.

Share your story

Each family has a unique story, a special journey and memories they will never forget. A Brave Hearts story helps highlight the need for advancements in heart care, the expertise at Norton Children’s Hospital and encourages other families. Share your story with us. Send an email to a chapter representative and answer the questions below:

  • What is your child’s heart condition and age of diagnosis?
  • Which city or county do you live in?
  • What type of treatment did your child receive at Norton Children’s Hospital, and who was your primary heart doctor?
  • What are your child’s current favorite hobbies and why?
  • Is there a message you or your child would like to send to the doctors, nurses and staff who provided care? If so, what?

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