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Meet the Norton Pediatric Neurology Team

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When it comes to your child’s nervous system, brain or spine, every parent wants to know they have a full team of the best and brightest. In the field of neuroscience, having a multidisciplinary team that includes neurologists, neurosurgeons, plastic surgeons, rehabilitation therapists and other resources allows us to care for children from diagnosis to getting them back to being a kid again.


Vinay Puri, M.D. – Chief of Pediatric Neurology

Gregory N. Barnes, M.D.

Martin E. Brown, M.D.

Elizabeth S. Doll, M.D.

Anna Ehret, M.D.

Darren M. Farber, D.O.

Karen L. Skjei, M.D.

Michael K. Sowell, M.D.

Arpita Lakhotia, M.D.

Debra M. O’Donnell, M.D.

Michael L. Sweeney, M.D.

Neurology Advanced Practice Providers

Angela Bishop, APRN

Lauren Evanczyk, APRN

Kristin R. Hall, APRN

Paula A. Johnson, APRN

Kathryn R. Kraft, APRN

Jennifer D. Linville, APRN

Kristi J. Mattingly, APRN

Genevieve R. Mulkins, APRN

Vanessa C. Ruppe, APRN

Melissa O. Schellenberger, APRN

Britt A. Schloemer, APRN

Stephanie Sims, APRN

Allison G. Spine, APRN

Natalie Williams, APRN