What to Bring to the Hospital for Your Child

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What to Bring

  • Insurance cards, medical cards, photo identification and your child‘s Social Security number
  • A copy of your child‘s immunization record
  • Proof of guardianship or custody papers if you are a  court-appointed guardian. You will need these papers to sign the surgery consent form. Without these papers, surgery will be canceled.
  • All of your child’s medications, including breathing treatments and inhalers
  • Containers for eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and dentures; leave valuables such as jewelry at home
  • Your child’s favorite toy, blanket and/or pacifier to help make the surroundings more familiar
  • Dress your child in comfortable clothes. Clothing should be loose and easy to remove. If your child is getting a cast, bring clothing that will fit over or around the cast.
  • An extra pair of clothes and underwear

Not Required, but You or Your Child Might Want to Bring:

  • A device for streaming entertainment. Our facilities have free Wi-Fi.
  • A blanket, pillow and stuffed animal from home
  • Pajamas from home. Norton Children’s Hospital provides pajamas too.
  • Slippers and socks
  • Photos of family and friends or fun posters to decorate your child’s hospital room (Remember, it is their room while they are at the hospital!)
  • Toothbrush, comb, lotion and personal items
  • Games, books, magazines, art supplies and other activities
  • Questions for doctors, nurses and other caregivers

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