Norton eCare School Telehealth

Elementary students in Jefferson County Public Schools can be treated for certain medical issues at school by seeing a Norton eCare provider through a secure video visit from their school nurse’s office.

Norton eCare School Telehealth can save a visit to a provider’s office and help your child start feeling better sooner. The program uses an iPad and TytoCare equipment, including a thermometer, stethoscope, otoscope and tongue depressor, that sends images and data from the patient at school to the Norton Healthcare provider.

Norton eCare has long been available to children ages 2 and older in Kentucky and Indiana. This expansion into Louisville public schools, made possible by the Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation, makes getting your child’s care easier and faster.

Advantages of School Telehealth

  • It saves you or another adult from having to leave work or home to take your child to a see a doctor.
  • The school nurse will use an iPad and TytoCare equipment to video call with a Norton Healthcare provider and perform a virtual examination. The technology sends your child’s vital signs to the provider, so they will have the information they need.
  • Schools cantest for flu, COVID-19 and strep throat. If an infectious disease can be ruled out, your child can return to class.
  • The visit can be completed in about 10 minutes.
  • Avoid a waiting room and risk of exposure to others at a provider’s office.
  • We welcome you to join the video call, and an after-visit summary will be sent to you.

What Conditions Can Be Treated Through School Telehealth?

This program helps students with the things they’d usually go to an urgent care clinic for, such as cold, cough, allergies, fever, rash, pinkeye, lice and sore throat. On-site rapid testing allows for quick diagnosis of flu, COVID-19 and strep.

Atkinson Academy
Auburndale Elementary
Audubon Traditional Elementary
Blake Elementary
Bloom Elementary
Blue Lick Elementary
Bowen Elementary
Brandeis Elementary
Byck Elementary
Cane Run Elementary
Carter Traditional Elementary
Coral Ridge Elementary
Crums Lane Elementary
Dixie Elementary
Eisenhower Elementary
Engelhard Elementary
Fairdale Elementary
Farmer Elementary
Foster Traditional Academy
Frayser Elementary
Greenwood Elementary
Gutermuth Elementary
Hawthorne Elementary
Hazelwood Elementary
Jacob Elementary
Johnsontown Road Elementary
Kennedy Elementary
Kenwood Elementary
Kerrick Elementary
Layne Elementary
Maupin Elementary
McFerran Preparatory Academy
Medora Elementary
Mill Creek Elementary
Minors Lane Elementary
Portland Elementary
Rutherford Elementary
Sanders Elementary
Schaffner Traditional Elementary
Semple Elementary
Shacklette Elementary
Stonestreet Elementary
Trunnell Elementary
Wellington Elementary
Wilkerson Elementary
Young Elementary
C.B. Young Service Center Building (staff only)
Lam Building (staff only)

How Much Does It Cost?

You will be billed the same amount you would be billed for a sick visit at your child’s doctor’s office. The telehealth video visit will be billed to the insurance provided in the enrollment form. Copays are similar to an office visit. If the student does not have insurance, self-pay and payment plans are available.

How Do I Enroll My Child?

Visit to complete enrollment or you may ask your participating school for an enrollment form to fill out and turn in to your school nurse. You can enroll your child anytime and must do so once per school year. We recommend enrolling prior to the beginning of the school year. That way, if you’re child isn’t feeling well at school, they will already be enrolled. However, the school nurse will always get permission prior to starting a telehealth visit.

Am I Able to Participate in My Child’s Visit?

Yes, the Norton Healthcare provider or school nurse will send information for you to join the video visit.

Will My Child’s Regular Pediatrician Be Aware of Visit Details?

Yes, a visit summary will be shared with your child’s provider listed on the enrollment form.

Do I Have to Be an Existing Patient of Norton Healthcare to Participate in a Visit?

No. A visit summary will be shared with your child’s provider listed on the enrollment form. If your child does not have a provider they see regularly, Norton Healthcare can help you find a medical home for your child.

If My Child Doesn’t Have Insurance Can They Still Be Seen?

Yes, they can still be seen. Self-pay is accepted. At Norton Healthcare and Norton Children’s, families with income equal to or less than 350% of the federal poverty level may be eligible for financial assistance. This makes financial assistance available to more middle-income families and individuals in our community.

Will Medications Be Prescribed During My Child’s Visit?

If the provider determines your child needs medication, they can send a prescription to a pharmacy of your choosing.

What Testing Will Be Performed During My Child’s Visit?

Norton Healthcare has made strep, COVID-19 and flu testing available in nurses’ offices at Jefferson County Public Schools elementary schools. Your child will be tested if the Norton Healthcare provider determines it’s needed based on your child’s symptoms.

If I’m Unable to Participate in My Child’s Visit, How Will I Find Out the Results?

After the visit, the Norton Healthcare provider will call you at the phone number listed on the enrollment form to discuss your child’s treatment plan. You also can download the MyChart app to access your child’s health records electronically.

Our Care Team

Our providers are local, experienced nurse practitioners.

Program made possible by Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation

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