Your Child’s Care Team

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If your child needs to be hospitalized, you’ll run into a whole staff of comforting faces. Because Norton Children’s Hospital is a teaching facility, your child may see several specialists during his or her stay.

Your Child’s Doctor

Your child’s doctor will see your child once a day and more often if needed. This is the best time to ask questions about your child’s medical care. During the day, your child’s nurse can page your doctor to respond immediately if you have urgent needs.


Your child’s primary care doctor may have chosen to entrust care to a team of hospitalists (doctors specially trained in caring for your child while he or she is in the hospital). They review your child’s health history and stay in contact with your pediatrician, and consult with one another to get the total view of your child’s health and current condition.

Hospitalists work with the team of nurses, medical professionals and specialty doctors caring for your child during his or her hospital stay. In the same way cardiologists specialize in the care of heart patients, hospitalists are doctors who direct their attention and skills to hospitalized patients.

Depending on the length of your child’s stay, it’s likely the same hospitalist or team of hospitalists will be there until its time to go home. This way, both you and your child can build a relationship with the doctor and care team. When your child is ready to go home, the hospitalist will work with your pediatrician on treatment plans, medications or other directions to ensure proper follow-up care.

Norton Children’s pediatric hospitalists are on call 24 hours, seven days a week, and work seven days straight on a day or night shift. This allows them to get to know you and your family.

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