Norton MyChart Bedside

What Is Norton MyChart Bedside?

Norton MyChart Bedside is a digital app that helps you connect to your child’s personal health information while they are in the hospital. On a smartphone, you can view test results, medications, treatment plans and other medical information. You can stay informed about your child’s care during their hospital stay.

What Is the Difference Between Norton MyChart and Norton MyChart Bedside?

While both are digital apps, Norton MyChart Bedside is specifically designed for use in a hospital or health care facility during your child’s stay. Norton MyChart is a broader app that you can access anytime, whether you are in the hospital or not, on your phone or computer. Norton MyChart helps you access your all of your child’s personal health information, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, message your child’s doctor, view test results, use virtual urgent care and more.

What Are the Benefits of Using Norton MyChart Bedside?

  • Access to information: Norton MyChart Bedside allows you to access your child’s health information in real time during inpatient care. You can view:
    • Reason for admission and arrival time
    • Medications, including their uses and side effects
    • Recent test results and vital signs
    • Upcoming events and appointments, such as medication times or scheduled surgeries
    • Health education about your child’s diagnosis and treatment
    • Information about your child’s care team
  • Empowerment and engagement: By having access to your child’s health information, you can participate in care decisions.

NOTE: Norton MyChart Bedside does not replace your child’s call light. If you have an immediate need or question, contact a nurse.

How Do I Get Started?

Your child will need a Norton MyChart account to get started. Here are ways to activate your account:

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Then, you will need to request Norton MyChart proxy access. Proxy access simply means allowing electronic access to someone else’s medical information. To get access to a child’s Norton MyChart: From a computer, log in to your own account, go to “Menu” and then “Personalize” and request access to your minor’s record. If the child is a legal adult, they must log in to their own Norton MyChart account and grant their parent or caregiver access through their “Sharing Hub” within the main menu.

How Do I Use My Phone to Access Norton MyChart Bedside?

Norton MyChart Bedside is available on your smartphone if you have a Norton MyChart account. Simply download the MyChart app from the Apple or Google app stores and select “Norton Healthcare.”

When you have a Norton MyChart account, the Norton MyChart Bedside function automatically activates while you are in the hospital. Norton MyChart Bedside is only available in the app on your phone, not on a web browser or computer.

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