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Can I Preregister My Child for Surgery?

Yes, you can save time and preregister.

What Time Should I Arrive for Surgery?

Call your physician’s office for your scheduled surgery time and plan to arrive at the surgical services department at least 45 to 90 minutes before, unless your physician tells you otherwise.

Can I Bring My Other Children Along for the Day?

Due to space limitations in the waiting room and patient areas, we encourage you to make other arrangements for siblings.

Can My Child Have Visitors the Day of Surgery?

Due to space limitations, we recommend that only immediate family members visit. Visitors will be limited to two per patient at one time.

How Do I Calm My Child’s Fears About Surgery?

It is normal for children and families to be nervous about surgery. Consider taking a pre-operation tour with a child life specialist. Call (502) 629-7542 to schedule a tour.

Can My Child Eat or Drink the Day of Their Surgery?

Your child may have clear liquids and/or breast milk or formula the day of surgery for a limited time. Carefully review the feeding instructions chart and follow these instructions; otherwise, your child‘s operation may be canceled or delayed.

What Should I Take to the Hospital?

Please review our list of what to bring to the hospital the day of surgery.

Where Should I Wait During My Child’s Surgery?

When your child is taken into the operating room, you will be asked to wait in the surgical services waiting area. One parent should remain in the surgical services area to be available to talk with the surgeon. Our staff will assist you if you have questions or want an update on your child.

How Quickly Will My Child Be Able to Go Home After Surgery?

Every child and every procedure is different. If your child is having an outpatient procedure, be prepared to spend all day at the hospital, although most patients go home earlier.

Will I Have to Pay Any Portion of My Child’s Surgery Bill the Day of the Surgery?

Please refer to our information on billing. For further questions, call one of our financial counselors at (502) 629-8474 or (502) 629-8281.

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