Anesthesiology at Norton Children’s

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The pediatric anesthesiologists with Norton Children’s regard caring for children as an honor and a privilege. Our physicians have completed specialized training beyond that of the typical anesthesiologist, allowing them to care for children. Most of our physicians are board certified in pediatric anesthesiology, a specialty board certification that did not exist before 2013. Our physicians chose to pursue this extra training and certification because they care about children and love taking care of them.

Our nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners and nurse clinicians share this dedication and passion. We are the pediatric anesthesia care team for Norton Children’s Hospital, Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital and Norton Children’s Medical Center.

Why Choose a Pediatric Anesthesiology Care Team for Your Child?

When extra training, education and experience combine with true passion about caring for children, the outcome is better care. Children cared for by board-certified pediatric anesthesiologists have a lower risk of complications compared with children cared for by a typical anesthesia care team.

This is backed by the American College of Surgeons (ACS) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). An ACS requirement for optimal children’s surgical care is having specially trained pediatric anesthesiologists. The AAP also mandates or recommends the services of specifically trained, experienced pediatric anesthesiologists.

Pediatric anesthesiologists have extensive training in caring for the most complex medical procedures and conditions, such as:

  • Complicated reconstructive surgery
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Congenital brain and spinal cord issues
  • Heart transplants
  • Kidney transplants

Environment, Equipment and Anesthesiology Care That’s ‘Just for Kids’

Norton Children’s facilities have playrooms, child life therapists, and child-specific premedication and care plans. We also are equipped with dedicated pediatric equipment in a child-friendly environment. Not only does this make a child’s medical experience more pleasant, it can improve patient outcomes and lower complication rates.

Our facilities also have a special service area where we provide sedation, rather than anesthesia, for children having tests and/or minor procedures that an adult could tolerate but that a small child cannot. Each and every one of our patients, small or large, complicated or straightforward, is precious to parents, to families and to us.

The Norton Children’s Difference

Norton Children’s pediatric anesthesiologists offer care for the tiniest of babies with complex, congenital conditions to children of all ages undergoing simpler procedures, such as ear tubes or tonsillectomies.

Norton Children’s Hospital serves as the primary pediatric teaching facility for the UofL School of Medicine. These doctors are professors and active researchers helping to advance medical care through clinical research and education.

  • Norton Children’s pediatric anesthesiologists provide anesthesia for newborn surgery; general surgery; spine and orthopedic surgery; neurosurgery; and ear, nose and throat surgery daily.
  • Several Norton Children’s anesthesiologists have specialized training in caring for children needing cardiac surgery.
  • Child-friendly sedation suites available at Norton Children’s Hospital and Norton Children’s Medical Center are available for a variety of tests and procedures.
  • Children are cared for by specially trained pediatric sedation teams led by a pediatric anesthesiologist, including a sedation nurse and a nurse practitioner.

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