Norton Children’s Cancer Institute Programs

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Norton Children’s Cancer Institute, affiliated with the UofL School of Medicine, provides a number of specialized treatment programs using advanced medical technology to help fight cancer and blood disorders.

Apheresis and photopheresis program – We’re home to the region’s only program to treat blood disorders and other conditions in children.

Blood and marrow transplant program – Our integrated team uses a holistic approach, incorporating the physical and psychosocial aspects of care.

Brain Tumor Program – We have the ability to pinpoint the tumor while avoiding damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Cellular therapy program – One of the latest advances in specialized cancer treatments, including CAR-T cell therapy.

Immunotherapy – New treatments stimulate the immune system to help the body reject or destroy tumors.

Infusion centers – Care based on each patient’s specific needs and concerns.

Oncology inpatient care – The Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center welcomes families for sophisticated treatment that’s designed “Just For Kids.”

Orthopedic oncology – See specialists at the leading edge of sarcoma and bone cancer care.

Pediatric Psychosocial Program – Kids are surviving cancer and often need help re-adjusting to the disruptions of fighting their disease.

Pediatric radiation therapy – Kids get their treatment in a separate, specially designed wing of the state-of-the-art Norton Cancer Institute Radiation Center – Downtown.

Total body irradiation – This is designed to prepare a child for a stem cell or bone marrow transplant.

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