Children and Hospitals Week: Building Healthy Superheroes

Building Healthy Heroes (Kindergartners only)

March 18 to 22, 2019

The Building Healthy Heroes field trip is a fun and interactive day designed for kindergarten students. The program teaches healthy and safety lifestyle choices for children, while introducing them to a doctor’s office, hospital and the wonderful people who work with kids every day!

The field trip has three areas: Wellness World, Safety Ville and Hospital Land. As the students travel through Wellness World, they will learn the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, limiting screen time, being active, eliminating sugary drinks, taking care of their teeth and getting enough sleep. In Safety Ville, they will learn to always buckle up and use a booster seat; to use a bicycle helmet for every ride, every time; and to never put their feet in the street until they have looked left-right-left and listened. Hospital Land is set up as a pretend doctor’s office and hospital complete with a lab, X-ray and surgery areas.

After the class completes an area, the teacher will receive a token, and the students will activate their healthy superpowers for the area. Once the class has received all three tokens and the students’ superpowers have been activated, they will be ready for their Healthy Superhero graduation. At the final booth, they will learn the official Healthy Superhero pledge, receive their official capes and transform into Healthy Superheroes!

Field trip details

  • Registration: Opens Tuesday, Nov. 27
  • Location: Louisville Slugger Field
  • Cost: Free! Schools must cover transportation.
  • Transportation: Each school is responsible for coordinating its own transportation. Jefferson Transportation is offering a special rate of $170 for the field trip; its buses can stay later than school buses. For more information, call (502) 614-7269.
  • Lunch: Lunch areas are not available; please make alternative plans for lunch. Have a snack before boarding the bus, and eat a sack lunch at a park of classroom after the field trip.

For additional information, contact Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness at (502) 629-7358.

Check out our recap video from 2018!

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