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The Norton Children’s Hospital Bike Safety Rodeo is designed to teach bicycle safety to third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. By riding bicycles through a mini obstacle course, students learn the rules of the road and how to apply them. Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness provides this bicycle safety program at 20 area schools. There is no charge for holding a Bike Safety Rodeo! The program is funded through the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

What are the requirements for hosting a Bike Safety Rodeo?

An indoor or outdoor area measuring at least 100 feet by 100 feet is required to set up the course and conduct the rodeo. No more than 25 participants per session may participate.

Outdoor requirements

  • Rodeo area must be away from traffic.
  • Rodeo area must be dry.
  • Temperature needs to be at least 40 degrees.


  • Rodeos for fifth-grade classes work best before winter break. Rodeos for third-grade classes work best after winter break. Fourth-grade classes can be scheduled for a rodeo any time during the school year.
  • Students must be able to ride a 20-inch bicycle independently without training wheels.
  • Students must have a completed and signed permission slip to participate. Students who do not have a permission slip may watch as long as they are not interfering with the program or distracting the students who are participating.
  • Students must wear closed-toe shoes; athletic shoes are best.


  • A teacher must be present during each rodeo session.
  • Teachers must have permission slips signed by parents before each student participates.
  • Teachers must ensure that each participating student completes the pretest on the back of the permission slip before the rodeo.
  • Teachers must have students complete a test after the rodeo and return the tests to Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness.
  • Teachers are asked to complete a survey after the rodeo.

Schedule for Bike Safety Rodeo

  • Setup: One hour before the first session begins
  • Cleanup: Approximately 20 minutes after the last session ends
  • Teaching sessions:
  • 45 minutes needed for each session (40-minute session with five minutes between sessions)
  • Each session can accommodate a maximum of 25 bicycle riders. Do not combine sessions.
  • Use the provided schedule to plan the rodeo for your class.
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