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Any teenager can have sudden cardiac arrest, not just athletes

You occasionally hear about it on the news: A seemingly healthy child suddenly collapses or dies after cardiac arrest on the football field or basketball court, or during another sporting event. But any teenager can have sudden cardiac arrest, and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) now recommends screening all children, not just those involved…

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COVID-19: Implications for children and adults with congenital heart disease

We do not currently have a lot of information about COVID-19 infection in children and adults with congenital heart disease and outcomes. However, based on what is known, we think some patients may be at higher risk of complications. In addition to social distancing, personal hygiene and other measures recommended at, there are some…

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My child fainted. Is it something to worry about?

Anytime a child or teenager faints, “passes out” or loses consciousness, family members — as well as the child or teen — often worry there might be something terribly wrong. The good news is that fainting or syncope (pronounced sin-koh-pee) in most older children and teenagers who are otherwise healthy does not automatically mean that…

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Collaborative heart care helps Indiana boy’s Ebstein anomaly

Audrey Sims’ first clue that her twins’ birth would be complicated came at 14 weeks of pregnancy, when a routine ultrasound found that one of her sons, Aiden, had a blocked lymph node, which can increase the risk of miscarriage. Audrey’s OB/GYN at King’s Daughters’ Hospital in Madison, Indiana, referred Audrey and her husband, Andrew,…

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Genetic rarity: All 3 Byler children inherit the same cardiomyopathy heart defect

Elizabeth and Andrew Byler were devastated when their first child, Emily, was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. A few years later, they were shocked to discover their second child, Ethan, also had a heart defect and would require a transplant. But sometimes there are three sides to every story. In February 2017 their third…

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