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Diabetes care providers are on Team Trey for 11-year-old’s taekwondo and dance competitions

Trey Adams is an active 11-year-old. He competes nationally in taekwondo and various styles of dance and practices one or the other pretty much every day. A little more than year ago, Trey started wetting the bed. When he went with his mother to his pediatrician to find out what was going on, a finger-prick…

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Boy fighting cancer has passion for giving back

Methotrexate and vincristine are complex words for most, but 7-year-old Beckham Goodale knows them and can pronounce them just as well as any doctor. They’re words no child should know, but this is the reality of pediatric cancer. Methotrexate and vincristine are Beckham’s chemotherapy treatments. He’s been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia since December 2020. In…

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Born with half a heart, local boy may have biggest heart of all

It’s not a matter of how much heart you have, but how much heart you give. That is true for Johnathan Young. He was born with half of a working heart. Johnathan, age 11, is the youngest of Greg and Jill Young’s three children. When Jill had her 20-week pregnancy ultrasound, the clinician noticed something…

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Three sisters diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and thriving

Many people spend family night having dinner or playing games, but for the Chrismans, family togetherness also involves glucose monitoring and changing insulin pumps. When their identical twin daughters, Quinby and Stella, were born, Natalie Chrisman and her husband, David, knew very little about Type 1 diabetes. There was no known family history of the disease….

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Rare condition quickly diagnosed and treated by neonatal and multidisciplinary care specialists

When Leacoln Bale got a thumbs-up on her 20-week prenatal scan, she and her husband, Jeremy, felt relief. The scans looked great, and they were thrilled about having another healthy baby girl. Like her two older sisters — Ellie, 6, and 3-year-old Nora — Ava was born at home with assistance from a midwife. But…

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Haploidentical blood marrow transplant patient reaches milestones, celebrates turning 18

On Valentine’s Day, 2020, Angel Florian received a 6-foot-tall plush rose from her boyfriend. It was a substitute for the real flowers he wanted to give her but couldn’t because her weakened immune system made it too risky. It was a year earlier, just after her 17th birthday, that Angel received a diagnosis of myelodysplastic…

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Teen’s ‘got this’ after bone cancer surgery

Jennifer Pascual, like most teens, has many interests. The 13-year-old, who lives in Southern Indiana, enjoys spending time with her large family. She loves animals and has many pets. She likes to draw and paint, play music and sing. “I’m learning to play the ukulele,” she said. “It’s really fun.” Unlike most teens, however, Jennifer…

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Friends and neighbors find themselves on pediatric cancer journey together

Kelsie Cooksey was devastated by the news from Katlyn Claywell, her friend, co-worker and Burkesville, Kentucky, neighbor, that Katlyn’s 19-month-old daughter Kamryn had been diagnosed with leukemia and needed prayers. Kelsie had a boy around the same age and felt her friend’s anguish. Days before, Katlyn had noticed a rash on her little girl with…

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Child with single ventricle defect thriving after surgeries, catheterizations

Avery Conover says she wants to drag race someday, just like her father, Ricky Conover. According to her mother, Kayla Conover, Avery is very independent and doesn’t give up. Kayla says that fighting spirit is how Avery has weathered surgeries and care of a single ventricle congenital heart defect. Kayla was surprised at her 20-week…

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New gene therapy treatments offer relief and hope for family with two children with SMA

Alex and Aaron Haas had heard of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) — a former neighbor of Aaron’s had a grandchild who died from it — but didn’t know much about it when 3-month-old Riley seemed less active than a family friend’s baby of the same age. A small knot in the back of Riley’s neck…

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Child with SMARD1 thriving with 5-in-1 home ventilator

The day before Thanksgiving 2018, the Howell family was traveling from Louisville to Frankfort to visit relatives. During the drive, 4-week-old Brooks started crying. It was the beginning of the family’s journey with the rare disease spinal muscular atrophy with respiratory distress, Type 1 (SMARD1). “It was a very different cry,” said Jessica Howell, Brooks’…

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Child thrives after retinopathy of prematurity and NICU stay

Lindsay Rogers and her husband, David, tried for 16 months to get pregnant, including three cycles of fertility medications. As she considered whether seeing a fertility specialist might be the next step, she became pregnant with their son, Liam, in March 2018. Lindsay describes the pregnancy up to 20 weeks as completely normal. After hitting…

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