Special Support for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Families

Our team works to create an environment focused on patient- and family-centered care. We take extra steps to make sure parents and family members are included in their baby’s medical-care plan. Parents may spend as much time at their child’s bedside as they like. And siblings are welcome in the unit to get to know their new brother or sister. Siblings are not allowed in the NICU during cold and flu season and immunization records are always required. Parent-to-parent support and family education is available to all NICU families. Additional support services include:

  • Pastoral care
  • Social services
  • Discharge planning and case management
  • Family education about equipment use and newborn illnesses

When do boys start puberty?

Most discussions around puberty tend to focus on girls, but boys are starting puberty earlier, too. A 2012 study of U.S. boys found white and Hispanic boys were entering puberty at an average age of […]

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More pregnant women have chronic high blood pressure

A new study shows a large increase in the number of American women with chronic high blood pressure during pregnancy: an average of 6% each year over the 40 years of the study. “High blood […]

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Top 10 car seat mistakes

Think your child’s car seat is installed correctly? Chances are, it’s not. According to safety professionals at Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness, nearly 4 out of 5 car seats they check are used incorrectly.   […]

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Schielar Skaggs almost didn’t make it – but he fought

Before he was born, Schielar Skaggs’ parents, Terry and Melissa, worried about the life their son would have. Would he survive childbirth? If he did, would his life be short and filled with suffering and […]

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How to talk about suicide? First, talk about it

How did I not see the signs? What could I have done? These are questions no parent wants to ask. While suicide can be a dark and difficult subject to talk about, shining a light […]

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