Ear Tube Surgery

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Ear tube surgery is a common procedure performed by our otolaryngologists, but no surgery is ever routine. Middle ear infections are common in children. Your pediatrician might suggest ear tube surgery if your child gets many ear infections that don’t clear up easily or the ear infections seem to be causing hearing loss or speech delay.

As ear tube surgery is performed under general anesthesia in a very delicate part of the body, it’s a procedure that requires expertise and skill. Norton Children’s ENT & Audiology otolaryngologists have extensive experience implanting ear tubes. The use of general anesthesia on children is complex and requires unique training, equipment and processes, which are provided at Norton Children’s Hospital and Norton Children’s Medical Center.

During the surgery, ear tubes made of metal or plastic are inserted through a tiny hole cut in the eardrums. The tubes allow air to flow in and out of the middle ear, keeping air pressure even and helping drain fluid that builds up behind the eardrum, leading to infection.

As the eardrums heal, they push the tubes out. Most kids won’t need surgery to have them removed.

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