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Access Your COVID-19 Vaccine Record in MyNortonChart

Details of a patient’s COVID-19 vaccination history — including the dates of each vaccine dose — are available in MyNortonChart. If you have lost or misplaced your COVID-19 vaccination card and received your vaccination(s) through Norton Healthcare, please use your MyNortonChart account to obtain your vaccination information.

Remember, when you receive your child’s vaccination card, take a photo of them with their card shown legibly for your records. Do not post the photo to social media. Do not laminate the card. Your provider will need to write on it if a booster shot is given. Bring the vaccination card with you when you get any COVID-19 vaccination/booster, and be sure to store your card in a safe, secure place.

Follow these steps to access your vaccination record:

  • Access MyNortonChart via the MyChart app or visit and sign in.
  • Click “Menu” (circle with three stacked lines). The menu icon will be in the top center on the app and located at the top left online.
  • Go to “My Record.”
  • Click on “COVID-19.”
  • Click on the green COVID-19 line to access the same details contained on the physical vaccination card you were given at your initial vaccination appointment.
  • This includes the dates of both doses of your vaccine and the manufacturer of the vaccine you received. If you wish to print your vaccination information, you may take a screenshot and print.

What if I did not receive my vaccination through Norton Healthcare?

  • If you do not see your vaccine listed in your record because you did not receive your vaccination at Norton Healthcare, you may click the “Update” button. You will be able to search the state registry. This may take a few seconds.
  • If you receive a notice that states, “We didn’t get an update from state registries,” you will have the option to click on “Enter vaccine details” to enter your vaccination information if you have it. You will need the following details:
    • Vaccine Manufacturer (i.e. Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax, etc.)
    • Date of dose
    • Location of administration
    • Lot number of the vaccine dose
  • Once you complete the information, your provider will review it to add this record permanently to your chart.
  • If you have any questions about your vaccination information, you may contact the Kentucky Immunization Registry at (502) 564-0038 or

Accessing Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record

Details of a patient’s COVID-19 vaccination history — including the dates of each vaccine dose — are available in MyNortonChart.

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