Norton Children’s Pediatric Dentistry Care Team

Norton Children’s pediatric dentists care for children up to age 17. Our pediatric dentists offer a wide range of services, including dental cleaning, restorations, extractions, dental care for children with special needs and more. Emergency dental care also is available at Norton Children’s Hospital. Meet our pediatric dentistry team.


Pediatric dentists


Korie D. Acord, DMD

Philippe B. Bautista, DMD

Lauren A. Bollenback, DMD

Priscilla J. Bond, DMD

Ann L. Greenwell, DMD

Danielle M. Haman-Smith, DMD

Kimberly S. Hansford, DMD

Kathryn M. Hiegert, DDS

Kirby C. Hoetker, DMD

Thomas G. Ison, DMD

Michael E. Kornblatt, DDS

Jason A. Lipoff, DMD

Hector R. Martinez-Menchaca, DDS

Matthew C. Mitchell, DMD

Keith L. Ray, DMD

David A. Rougeux, DMD

Amir J. Shahla, DDS

Myron F. Shuster, DMD

Frederick R. Swain, DDS

John C. Wilson, DMD

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Norton Children’s Pediatric Dentistry

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Huge jump in RSV cases among Louisville-area children

The Louisville area has seen a huge jump in respiratory syncytial virus(RSV) bronchiolitis in recent months, which could spell trouble for the holiday season. Since September, Norton Healthcare has diagnosed about 200 cases of the […]

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What to do if your child’s heart is beating abnormally fast or irregularly

Children often don’t have the vocabulary to describe an abnormally fast or irregularly-beating heart. They may describe vague chest symptoms, a fluttering or racing heart or skipped heartbeats. They may say, “My heart is beating […]

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Sick-day guidelines for children with diabetes

Every child gets sick with a sore throat, cold or minor illness from time to time. When your child with diabetes is ill, there are simple sick-day guidelines you can follow to help manage blood […]

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Ways to support Norton Children’s Hospital this holiday giving season

Holiday giving season is officially upon us! There are plenty of ways you can support children who need your help. Donations to the not-for-profit Children’s Hospital Foundation support Norton Children’s Hospital and may be tax […]

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Lifelong treatment for congenital heart disease in adults

Walter L. Sobczyk, M.D., pediatric cardiologist with Norton Children’s Heart Institute, affiliated with the University of Louisville, has treated hundreds of children born with life-threatening heart abnormalities. Thanks to advances in surgery and treatment over […]

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