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Teen athlete returns to sports, active lifestyle after scoliosis, spinal fusion surgery

Kira Scrogham loves running track and cross-country, and a spinal fusion surgery to correct her scoliosis hasn’t slowed down this 16-year-old. Kira has always loved being involved in sports, but in sixth grade, a scoliosis screening put into question her future as an athlete. “She did a sports physical, and they found a curve,” said…

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Brand Feature, Heart Transplant

Tough as Emery: Heart transplant patient update

At 18 weeks pregnant, Brittany Walden learned she was going to be a “heart mom.” Her baby’s growing heart showed some abnormalities. After months of Brittany meeting with specialists and more scans, Emery Walden was born in October 2020 with a heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome (HLHS) with pulmonary stenosis. HLHS is a…

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Hope and high notes: Volunteer pianist ‘back in the groove’ at Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital

Whenever guests of Norton Women’s & Children’s Hospital hear the smooth sounds of piano music filling the lobby, Reggie Watkins is likely behind the keys. “I get to share my gift and positively impact other people,” Reggie said. “You really feel like you did a good deed when people just look and smile with a…

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