Injury deaths rising among youth

Traffic accident fatalities, homicides and suicides are up

We’re seeing a significant rise in accidental deaths among young people across the country due to injury, homicide, suicide and motor vehicle accidents.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports an increase in injury deaths among children and adolescents ages 10 to 19.

According to the report, the suicide rate jumped 56 percent between 2007 and 2016 after a sharp decline the decade before. Additionally, homicide rates have increased by nearly one-third.

“The data is telling us is that many children and teens are not getting the mental health support they need,” said Erin Frazier, M.D., pediatrician with Norton Children’s Medical Group – Broadway and medical director for Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness. “Adverse childhood experiences, such as exposure to violence and other traumatic experiences, can also lead to life-long health risks, including heart disease, substance abuse and obesity. We need to ensure children and families can address physical, mental and social health issues before they result in a dangerous situation.”

Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness, which works with schools and community groups, has identified mental health as a priority area and is working to support children and families throughout Greater Louisville.

Norton Children’s Prevention and & Wellness
classes and workshops

Teen Wellness Workshops
Peer-to-peer relationships and support can be a powerful tool in addressing health, particularly mental health. Health educators with Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness offer Teen Wellness Workshops at local high schools. These workshops to provide tools for teens to speak up and support one another.

Active Parenting Workshops
Let’s face it, parenting is tough. Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness offers workshops to help parents discover their parenting style, recharge their parenting battery, and learn effective communication and discipline methods

Fruit and Boot Camp
A healthy diet can go a long way toward improving physical and mental health. Fruit and Boot Camp is a two-part series designed to teach you and your school-age children how to eat right and stay active together. Adults and kids practice making a healthy food item and participate in an exercise activity that can be done anywhere. All physical fitness levels are welcome.