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Just 8% of New Year’s resolutions are met, and 80% are abandoned by the end of January. How can you make resolutions stick?

Just 8% of New Year’s resolutions are met, and 80 percent are abandoned by the end of January. How can you make resolutions stick? Make resolutions together as a family: Discuss goals and strategies, and develop fun ways to meet them with support from one another.

According to Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness coordinator Nikki Boyd, the key to meeting wellness goals is to make them realistic and specific.

SMART goals for wellness success

“When you say ‘I want to be healthier for 2020,’ what does that mean for you and your family?” Nikki said. “Does that mean eliminating sodas? Does that mean adding an extra serving of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet? A more realistic goal may be adding a serving of fruit twice a week for breakfast. We are all different and succeed best with individualized goals that fit our lifestyles.”

Nikki suggests families use SMART goals, in which you have a goal that you work on throughout the course of the year that is:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-based

“Take a first step, meet it, and adjust it until you achieve the ultimate goal,” Nikki said. “The most common goal people make is to stay fit and healthy — and that’s a lifelong endeavor.”

If your resolution involves getting your family healthier and improving what they eat, a great SMART goal to adopt is the “5-2-1-0 rule.”

The rule calls for the following each day:

  • Five servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Two hours or less of screen time (TV, computer, mobile devices)
  • At least one hour of physical activity or play
  • Zero sugary drinks

Don’t forget to reward yourself and your family members once you meet the goals you’ve set. A new workout shirt, book or fitness app can be a great motivator to keep going. And while you pick up new healthy habits, make sure you and your family follow the six tips for children and families to help prevent injuries and stay healthy throughout the year.

Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness

The next Healthy Living Workshops start Monday, Jan. 13, at Norton Children’s Medical Group – Fern Creek.

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Families take the lead on wellness

Lack of knowledge about healthy foods and kitchen skills, as well as limited access to fresh produce and whole food, exists in many neighborhoods throughout Greater Louisville. To address these constraints for families and to increase their confidence in their own ability to successfully lead a healthy lifestyle, Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness is offering a skill-building program called “Healthy Living Workshop.”

This five-session program is designed to support families with children ages 11 to 17 in meeting their wellness goals. Workshops start Monday, Jan. 13, at Norton Children’s Medical Group – Fern Creek, 5721 Bardstown Road, Louisville.

Kohl’s Cares awarded a grant of $185,000 to Norton Children’s Hospital through the Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation to encourage healthy eating and increased physical activity. The grant supports a one-year plan to offer programs for children and families to encourage healthy living. Kohl’s commitment to Norton Children’s Hospital is made possible through the Kohl’s Cares cause merchandise program. Through this initiative, 100% of the net profits from Kohl’s sales of special books and plush toys benefit children’s health and education programs nationwide, including hospital partnerships like ours. For more information, visit