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Pharmacy Residency Frequently Asked Questions

Is your program ASHP accredited?

The PGY-1 program has been accredited by ASHP since 2004. The PGY-2 in critical care has been accredited by ASHP since 2011. The PGY-2 in hematology/oncology is in candidate status.

Does your program participate in the match process?
Yes, the PGY-1 program utilizes the match process to determine its residents. If there is not an early commit for the PGY-2 programs, they also utilize the match process.

When does the residency start and finish?
The PGY-1 residency starts the last week of June and lasts one calendar year. The PGY-2 residency start dates are flexible, pending completion of PGY-1 residency.

How do I apply?
The residency program utilizes Pharmacy Online Residency Central Application Service (PhORCAS) for all applications.

What is the application deadline?
Jan. 1

Is an on-site interview required?
Yes, on-site interviews are conducted once all portions of the application are received and evaluated by the Residency Advisory Committee. Interviews usually are scheduled for late January or early February. If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted to set up a time to come on-site.

Is there an allowance for travel/lodging for on-site interviews?
No, we do not provide reimbursement for travel or accommodations for on-site interviews.

Is there a staffing requirement?
Yes. Our residents work every fourth weekend plus an evening shift each month in addition to regular rotation responsibilities. During this time, they are expected to be involved in both clinical and dispensing aspects of the job. They will provide any necessary clinical assistance (write TPNs, review and perform kinetics, etc.) to the floors they are covering for that day. They also are responsible for helping with order entry and dispensing duties. In addition to this requirement, the critical care PGY-2 resident is responsible for working one additional evening shift every four weeks.

Are residents required to work holidays?
Yes, each resident will cover two to three holidays during the year, but the residents may split the holidays as they wish. Summer holidays for coverage are Kentucky Oaks, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. Winter holidays are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Is there an early commit process for the PGY-2 program?
Yes, to request information complete the request more information form.