Pharmacy Residency Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Norton Children’s Hospital pharmacy residency program ASHP accredited?

The PGY1 program has been accredited by American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) since 2004. The PGY2 in critical care has been accredited by ASHP since 2011. The PGY2 in oncology has been accredited by ASHP since 2016.

Does the program participate in the match process?

Yes, the PGY1 program uses the match process to select residents. If there is not an early commit for the PGY2 programs, they also use the match process.

When does the residency start and finish?

The PGY1 residency starts the last week of June and lasts one calendar year. The PGY2 residency start dates are flexible, pending completion of PGY1 residency.

How do I apply?

The residency program uses Pharmacy Online Residency Central Application Service (PhORCAS) for all applications. Letter of Intent, curriculum vitae, college transcripts and three letters of recommendation are required.

To request more information or to apply

What is the application deadline?

Jan. 1

Is an on-site interview required?

Once all portions of the application are received and evaluated by the residency advisory committee, if you are selected you will be contacted for a virtual interview. Interviews usually are scheduled for late January or early February.

Due to COVID-19, interviews for the 2021-2022 residency year will be conducted in a virtual format for all selected candidates.

Is there an allowance for travel/lodging for on-site interviews?

No, we do not provide reimbursement for travel or accommodations for on-site interviews.

What does the staffing requirement involve?

Our residents work every fourth weekend plus one evening shift every two weeks to provide clinical and dispensing support. They provide any necessary clinical assistance to nurses and providers such as dosing recommendations, answering drug information questions, IV compatibility checks, code and trauma response, and evaluation and follow-up on therapeutic drug monitoring needed during the shift. They are also responsible for operational duties including order verification, dispensing, checking patient specific doses, and Pyxis stock products.

Are residents required to work holidays?

Yes, each resident will cover two holidays during the year, but the residents may split the holidays as they wish. Minor holidays requiring coverage are Kentucky Oaks, Memorial Day, July Fourth, and Labor Day. Major holidays are Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Is there an early commit process for the PGY2 program?

Yes, we do accept early commit applications from internal candidates.

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