Radiothon: 4-year-old Camila Lopez isn’t letting cancer slow her down

Three-year-old Camila Lopez climbs out of her hospital bed and makes her way to a bench. “Let’s play!” she says, as she begins pulling oversized blocks from a bucket and stacking them one by one. […]

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Symptoms of cancer in children that parents should never ignore

Signs and symptoms of cancer in children can vary and the warning signs may not always be obvious, according to Ashok B. Raj, M.D. Dr. Raj is an oncology and hematology specialist with Norton Children’s […]

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Growing up with sickle cell disease

Jalen Matthews is a 20-year-old junior at the University of Kentucky. She is a kinesiology major who aspires to a career in physical therapy. She’s active in her sorority and the student activity board. And, […]

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