Why I plan to shave my head for children fighting cancer

Oncology nurse loves her job and her patients

Sarah Pierce has big plans on May 21, 2017. That is the day she plans to shave her shoulder length hair at the Chili’s® Clip for Kids event.

Pierce has been growing her out her hair while raising more than $20,000 in preparation of this moment.

Pierce shares in her own words why she is raising so much money and why she decided to shave her head.

My why: For the kids!

At the age of 27 and three months into my career as a nurse on 7 West, the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center at Norton
Children’s Hospital, I knew I had my dream job. Not many people can say that. I go to work every day happy and excited,
ready to work. I am challenged every shift. I know that I will have to ask questions, seek out opportunities to learn and be
an advocate for my patients and their families. I love doing the little things for the families. I love seeing the kids smile.

They are so strong. It gives me a different outlook on my life. It makes me appreciate everything a little more. Now, two
years later, I decided I want to give back to them. My faith and beliefs are what drive me to help these patients and their

My how: People might be tired of me talking about it …

I have been working very hard to raise money. I started with only 72 days until the shave. I started by posting the link to Facebook and reaching out to family, friends, co-workers, family friends, extended family friends and really just about everyone. I’ve sent out lots and lots of emails. I want as many people to know about the shave and why I am participating. It has really taken over my life this past month. I think people might be tired of me talking about it, honestly!

If you would like to support Pierce’s efforts, you can do so by making a donation to the 7 West Warriors team.

Are you ready for the challenge? To get started you can register as an individual, form a team or sign up as a volunteer.

Visit ClipForKids.org or call (502) 629-8060 to get started. Once you’re registered, share your goal with others and encourage them to donate or join your team.

A lot of the support I have received has come from my hometown of Bowling Green, Kentucky. They are very supportive and I cannot be more grateful. I also created T-shirts in honor of 7 West Warriors and asked for donations. This has been a great success too.

My support: My co-workers are the best!

I have had many mentors who have really helped me not only over the past few months but over the past couple of years.

Heather Hartlage, Tracy Jennings, Karrie Walp and many others on the 7 West unit have been a huge support. Several of them have shaved or clipped in the past. They have been such a support system, helping and encouraging me! It is great to have that support and teamwork!