Pilot School-based Telemedicine Program available to JCPS students at select schools

Thanks to a new collaboration between Norton Healthcare and Jefferson County Public Schools, students at three schools have access to online medical care while at school. The pilot School-based Telemedicine Program allows a child to see a Norton Healthcare provider through a secure video visit from the school nurse’s office at Englehard Elementary School, Frederick Law Olmsted Academy North and Iroquois High School.

With the parent’s permission, the provider can treat the child for common conditions like cold, earache, fever, pinkeye, rash and sore throat. The school nurse and Norton Healthcare provider will work together to examine your child. The provider can look at your child’s skin, listen to his or her heart and lungs, and see into the nose, throat and ears.

Telemedicine not available at your school?

Norton eCare providers are available 24/7 for video visits. This service is $40 or less depending on your health coverage and is available for children age 2 and older.

Get started

“We can evaluate the child while at school and allow them to remain in class if possible,” said Rachel Alexander, APRN, telemedicine program coordinator, Norton Healthcare. “We are able to talk with the parents over the phone about the visit and let them know if there are prescriptions at the pharmacy or home treatments for the illness.”

The video visit, examination and testing are free through the pilot program at participating schools. The provider will follow up with a parent or guardian after the visit by phone. Any prescribed medications are the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

Parents of Engelhard Elementary School, Frederick Law Olmsted Academy North and Iroquois High School students can enroll their children by visiting JCPSTelemedicine.NortonHealthcare.org to fill out an online consent form.

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