Take care of your sick child without getting others — or yourself — sick

Temperatures have dropped and it’s officially cold and flu season. Here are some tips for staying well as you nurse your little one back to health.

It’s not too late to get a flu shot

Getting yearly flu shots for the family can help protect yourself and others from the flu. While the vaccine doesn’t prevent all strains, it does protect against most as well as help lessen symptoms and length of illness. Flu shots help protect the most vulnerable — babies and seniors.

Norton Children’s Medical Group

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Need to go to the doctor? Protect yourself and others

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently updated its policy on ways to prevent the spread of germs during doctor visits. Stuffed animals, which can retain germs, shouldn’t be available to play with in waiting rooms. If your child needs a stuffed animal or toy for comfort, you can bring your own.

Most Norton Children’s Medical Group offices also offer separate waiting rooms for sick and well children.

Should you need to visit a doctor’s office or Norton Immediate Care Center, here are some tips to keep from spreading or picking up germs.

Wash your hands (or use hand sanitizer)

Practice hand hygiene and teach your child proper hand washing with soap and water. This is the best way to eliminate many of the viruses and bacteria that can be spread this time of year. Don’t have access to a sink? That’s OK! Hand sanitizer can be used as a substitute. Feel free to use the hand sanitizer available at a doctor’s office when you arrive for your visit and before you leave.


Bring toys and reading material from home

If your child needs to bring a stuffed animal friend for comfort, please do. Remind your child to stay close to you, and keep their hands clean and away from their face. Bring your own book or magazine if you or your child would like to read while waiting. Do not share your child’s toys or books with other children or adults.


Wait smarter

Don’t want to wait in a small or crowded waiting room? Ask the staff if you can wait in the car, hallway or a close location and have them call you when they’re ready for your child.

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