Why participate in Splash ‘n’ Dash?

Cross country coach and parents detail why they love the event

Family fun for all ages

“Last August, I wanted something special to do together with my oldest son before he moved from Louisville. My son was ready for his next life adventure after finishing college. I didn’t want a sad goodbye dinner, but to create a unique memory. Since we are a family that is very active together, I asked him to join me in the Splash ‘n’ Dash 5k run. My son jumped out of the car, late as usual, and saw the fireman turn on the fire hose, then he said, ‘What have you gotten me into?’ I smiled, pushed him up to the starting line, and we took off jogging together. We jumped over obstacles, ran through sprinkler structures, quick-stepped through tires, jumped into a dumpster full of water, and slid down an adult size slip-n-slide. We used one another as human shields to keep from being sprayed with water, and he helped me over walls he could easily scale. It was one of the most fun, meaningful experiences I have ever had with my son. We laughed, got very wet, and felt happy and connected. It was the perfect way to say goodbye for now. We still joke about that day. It is now going to be a family tradition. My middle son and I are registering for the run this year. He is a junior in college, so he has a couple of years with me on the course. I definitely plan on getting him sprayed much more than me.”

Norton Children’s Hospital Splash ‘n’ Dash

You may register as a team or individual. If you are unable to attend, you can still show support by donating to the event. All proceeds benefit Norton Children’s Hospital.

Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018
5k begins at 9 a.m. ● 1k begins at 10 a.m.
Louisville Waterfront Park ● Big Four Lawn

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Cross country coach

“The Splash ‘n’ Dash happens early in our cross country season, after only a few weeks of practice. It is the perfect team-building event to bring our runners and parents together for a unique, fun outing before our racing season begins. It was the talk of the team among the runners who did it last year, and I’m already getting asked about it again. We’re excited to participate!”

Mom with young kids

“As a mom of three children ages 5 and under, I look forward to Splash ‘n’ Dash each year because it is a fun, safe opportunity to do something active as a family. The 1k is perfect for us because we can walk together. I can even bring the baby in the stroller, and the big kids still get to climb and splash their way through the obstacles on the course. The splash zones and water stations make it fun for my kids to keep cool in the August heat and give me some peace of mind that they won’t get overheated. Their most favorite part of Splash ‘n’ Dash is the ‘Just for Kids’ Zone. They could spend all day bouncing on the inflatables, and my son looks forward to being sprayed by the local fire department every year. They even have a ‘tot zone’ with water tables and activities for babies. I love that Splash ‘n’ Dash provides me with the opportunity to teach my kids at a young age how to safely have fun in the heat and also make a difference for other kids at Norton Children’s Hospital.”