New mural at Norton Children’s Hospital welcomes patients

Mural, at 4 1/2 stories high, designed to comfort kids in what is often their first glimpse of Norton Children’s Hospital.

If you drive by Norton Children’s Hospital, you may notice the outside has gotten a little more colorful.

Norton Children’s teamed up with local artists Often Seen, Rarely Spoken to complete a mural on the hospital’s parking garage. The 5,000-square-foot mural is 4 1/2 stories tall.

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“Many patients and families come to Norton Children’s at their most vulnerable time, and their first sight of the hospital is through the parking garage,” said Erik Martin, DNP, R.N., vice president for patient care services and chief nursing officer, Norton Children’s Hospital. “The mural is designed to comfort patients and make them feel welcome. It also adds a pop of color and will make the entrance easier to find for those coming to the hospital for the first time.”

The mural was funded by the Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation. It took about 6 months to plan and five artists more than a week to complete. The project included 280 cans and 75 colors of spray paint.

This is the second mural on the outside of the hospital. Often Seen, Rarely Spoken painted an interactive mural at the front entrance earlier this year. The new mural is four times larger.