New parents: What to do about health insurance for kids

Just as important as choosing a pediatrician, finding insurance is crucial for new parents. Norton Children’s Medical Group has tips to help new moms and dads find coverage.

Some of the most frequently asked questions pediatricians hear from new parents are about health insurance. Below are some tips to help you establish insurance while making sure your baby’s medical needs are met in a timely manner.

  • Step 1: Determine which insurance coverage your newborn should have.
    • Option A: Private/commercial coverage – Contact your employer or insurance company to add your baby and submit any documentation they require.
    • Option B: State/Medicaid coverage – Contact your state’s Medicaid program, submit any required documentation and be sure to follow up on your application status:
      • Kentucky Department for Community Based Services

(855) 306-8959

  • Indiana Medicaid

(800) 403-0864

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  • Step 2: Add your baby to your insurance within 30 days of birth, or you will be responsible for all medical charges.

Additional insurance tips as your child grows

  • Your pediatrician’s staff will ask for your insurance cards at every visit, so always have them with you.
  • If your insurance requires a copay, it will be collected at every visit.
  • Pediatricians and other providers will ask for updates to consents, photo IDs and communication preferences every six to 12 months, depending on when you visit.
  • Vaccination records are required for most day care centers, Head Start programs, kindergarten and school admissions. Request records in advance to avoid delays, or obtain them through your child’s MyNortonChart account.
  • Checkup, dental and eye examination records are required for kindergarten admission.

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