Go gold with us!

Here’s your golden opportunity to help kids with cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and all of our children’s medical facilities are “Going Gold” to show our support.

We are committed to fighting childhood cancer in our community, and our Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center is a leader in providing pediatric cancer care and stem cell transplant services.

Why gold?

Like other forms of cancer, childhood cancer has an international symbol: a gold ribbon. When we think of gold, we think of a precious metal. But it also can be a symbol for anything precious. And our children are the most precious of all.

43 kids is 43 too many

The statistics for childhood cancer are alarming. According to the National Cancer Institute, every day more than 43 kids are diagnosed with cancer, and it continues to be the leading cause of death from disease among U.S. children over 1 year of age.

Through early detection and cutting-edge treatments, we can improve survival rates by almost 80 percent — giving more kids a chance to become healthy adults.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation and the staff of the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center are teaming up to raise awareness of childhood cancer. Creating a “voice” for those who are impacted by this disease often can increase grant funding for research and other resources to find new treatments and a cure.

We seek to raise funds to support advancements in research efforts in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, improve the level of care and ensure that each family affected by cancer has access to every resource.