Families can meet goals this summer with wellness workshops

Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness, with support from Kohl’s Cares, offers wellness workshops and classes for the whole family throughout the year. Our wellness specialists team up with community organizations like Healthy House and Shively Community Center to host classes aimed at introducing families to basics cooking skills, healthy habits, goal setting, ways to make exercise fun and much more.

Recent participants in the Healthy Living Workshop series met the wellness goals they set, thanks to family support and support from their peers in the class. Brooklyn, 14, decided to focus her wellness goal on limiting screen time. She began by substituting her Thursday night Netflix watching with craft time. Jacob, 16, cut all his soda and after-school slushy treats by setting weekly goals of gradually cutting back on the sugary drinks. He saw immediate weight loss and felt pretty good about meeting his goals. Sisters Kayla and Kamya, both 14, chose to focus on limiting screen time and getting more exercise into their day. Kayla substituted an hour per week with her favorite hobby –– hair designing, while Kamya played basketball for an extra hour per week.

Families in the spring 2019 workshop series completed a grocery shopping challenge. Using the skills learned in class, they shopped for a nutritious dinner for four. The catch: They only had 20 minutes to shop and $25 to spend!

Fruit and Boot Camp

Join us for this fun-filled event designed to teach you and your school-age children how to eat right and stay active together! Adults and kids will practice making a healthy food item and participate in an exercise activity that can be done anywhere. All physical fitness levels are welcome. Four options available for summer 2019.

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Our young shoppers came away from the challenge with some delicious ingredients and a few lessons in budgeting and reading nutrition labels!

Healthy grocery shopping tips

Want to shop for a nutritious dinner on a budget? Here are some tips to get you started!

  • Shop around the perimeter of the store to focus on main food groups and avoid processed items in the middle aisles.
  • Make a shopping list ahead of time based on coupons and sales, considering in-season produce and frozen/canned options.
  • Don’t shop when hungry –– it may lead you to overspend!
  • Read nutrition labels and ingredient lists to compare items.
  • You don’t always need specific recipes; you can plan meals according to the MyPlate recommendations –– fill a plate with one-half fruits and veggies, one-fourth lean protein and one-fourth whole grains.


Jenita Lyons is a manager with Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness.

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