Emcee Jesse Ras gets head buzzed at Chili’s Clip for Kids

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Jesse Rasmussen values a great head of hair, but after becoming a father he realized there are far more important things than perfect locks — such as the care available at Norton Children’s Hospital.

That’s why he decided, after much prodding from his 106.9 Morning Play co-host M.J., that he would shave his head if his Chili’s® Clip for Kids team raised at least $5,000. And the team raised $7,500+!

Watch this video of Jesse getting his hair buzzed.

Jesse agreed to shave his head for Clips for Kids | Norton Children’s Hospital

Uploaded by Norton Healthcare on 2017-05-24.

A special thank you to the event’s presenting sponsor, Chili’s Grill & Bar. Without their support, this event wouldn’t be possible.

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