Body changes during puberty mean personal hygiene changes for boys

Preteen and teen boys go through a lot of changes during puberty: everything from growth spurts to growing hair in new places. As the body changes, boys may need to add new steps to their personal hygiene routine.

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Norton Children’s Prevention & Wellness and Norton Children’s Urology offers Boy Talk, a free class series for families to start the sometimes difficult or awkward discussions about puberty. The parent-son class is led by a pediatric urologist, Dennis Peppas, MD, on the physical and emotional changes boys go through during puberty. The class also covers how boys can have healthy teen years through sleep, balanced diet and exercise.

Boy Talk has a casual, conversational atmosphere for learning and opening the lines of communication between parents and their children. The class is recommended for boys, age 10 to 14.

Boy Talk: Boys to Men

Thursday, Feb. 28 • 6 to 8 p.m.

This parent-son class led by a pediatric urologist is designed to start the discussion about physical and emotional changes associated with puberty. It also will cover the importance of sleep, good nutrition and exercise during this phase of life. Recommended for ages 10 to 14.

Marshall Women’s Health & Education Center

Norton Medical Plaza 3 – St. Matthews, Suite 108, Classroom B

How to stay clean as a teen boy


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