7-year-old’s snack stand raises more than $1,000 for children fighting cancer

Bradley Roberts is a little man with a big plan and an even bigger heart.

Seven-year-old Bradley Roberts has a heart of gold and a gargantuan goal.

“I’m going to raise $2 million to help kids at Norton Children’s Hospital,” Bradley said.

He considers it a perfectly attainable goal, and we wouldn’t dare underestimate him. In just one day he raised $1,500.

“We have 20, 30, 40, no — 150 snacks,” Bradley said, pointing out invisible numbers as he counted.

With the help of his mother, Tracey Roberts, Bradley set up a snack and beverage stand outside of the Kroger in Fern Creek on a Saturday morning in April. In just three hours he collected hundreds of dollars in donations — most patrons didn’t even pick up a snack or a drink.

“Bradley’s Beverage Bonanza” was organized to help raise money for Chili’s® Clip for Kids, benefitting patients and families of Norton Children’s Cancer Institute, affiliated with University of Louisville.

Bradley has a habit of thinking big. Last year he was saving to buy a tractor. Not a toy — an actual tractor.

But when he heard about Chili’s Clip for Kids on the radio, he decided to donate his $100 in savings.

Then, he quickly looked for ways to raise more money, and that’s how Bradley’s Beverage Bonanza (and snacks) came to life.

This year, Bradley made his event a little more official. He and his mom designed “Happy Bonanza Day” T-shirts. Bradley’s, of course, reads “Boss” on the back. He accepts donations with a smile, revealing a big gap where his two front teeth used to be.

Bradley has no connection to childhood cancer. His involvement is sincerely from the heart.

“I just want to help kids in the hospital, because I’ve been the hospital before and it’s not fun,” Bradley said.

Bradley’s Beverage Bonanza will continue until May 20 when hundreds will gather at Fourth Street Live! for the Chili’s Clip for Kids event. There, people will clip, trim and shave their hair on stage in honor of young cancer patients. Bradley is rallying friends, family and community members to get involved, donate and help spread awareness.

Chili’s® Clip for Kids

Donate today or register for Clip for Kids. All money raised benefits kids at Norton Children’s Cancer Institute.