5 questions to ask when choosing where to have your child’s surgery

Ask these questions before you decide where your child’s surgery will be performed.

If you’ve just learned your child needs surgery, his or her health is your first concern. Here are some questions to ask before you decide where to have the surgery performed.

Ask Norton Children’s

The Norton Children’s surgical unit specializes in caring for kids.

  • What is the surgeon’s history with the procedure, and how often does he or she perform it?
  • Is the anesthesiologist trained in pediatrics?
  • Will a pediatric radiologist review radiology or other diagnostic tests?
  • What is the backup plan if my child needs a higher level of medical care? If you’re considering an ambulatory surgery center, how close is it to a pediatric hospital or outpatient center? What’s the ambulatory surgery center’s plan for handling an emergency?
  • Is there anyone to help explain the procedure to my child and help calm fears?