106.9 DJ Jesse Ras to sweat it out in a hot car

Co-host of Jesse and MJ will see how long he can last

Here are the facts. This year alone, we’ve lost 23 kids nationwide to heat stroke from being left in hot cars. How dangerous is it? We’re about to find out live.

This Saturday, July 22, Jesse Rasmussen, co-host of Jesse and MJ on 106.9 Play, will see how long he can stay in a hot car. A medical crew from Norton Healthcare, along with emergency personnel, will monitor his condition. The event also will be broadcast live on the radio station and social media.

Keep your kids safe

Find out how you can prevent heat-related illnesses.

“I’m doing this to prove a point,” Rasmussen said. “This is a serious situation, and kids and pets can die in a matter of minutes. I’ll be surrounded by medical experts, so don’t try this at home.”

The event, which is open to the public, will take place next to the Big Four Bridge from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Jesse will enter the car at noon. Norton Children’s Hospital and other organizations will give out information on how to stay safe in the heat.

“Please join us, listen or follow along here because this could literally save lives,” Rasmussen said.

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