Tics and Tourette Clinic

Tics are sudden, repetitive, involuntary movements or sounds that can occur anywhere in the body. Tourette syndrome, often called Tourette’s, is a neurological disorder that can cause vocalizations, movements and other tics. Tourette syndrome is one of the most common tic disorders.

Norton Children’s Neuroscience Institute Tics and Tourette Clinic offers specialty multidisciplinary care for children experiencing tics and Tourette syndrome.

What We Do

The Norton Children’s Neuroscience Institute Tics and Tourette Clinic is made up of board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians from across the Norton Children’s network of specialists who are trained in treating tics, tic disorders and Tourette syndrome. Our team aims to create a holistic, personalized treatment plan to meet your child’s unique needs once they are referred to the clinic.

Our multidisciplinary approach to care allows your child to be evaluated by several pediatric specialists all in the same visit. These specialists share clinic space, working to provide comprehensive, thoughtful evaluation and treatment to help minimize stress, lessen the severity of tics and normalize them for children and families.


Tourette syndrome and related tic disorders usually are not debilitating, and a child may only need to be monitored. For others, the symptoms of tics can affect a child’s self-esteem, school performance and more. Our team can develop a treatment plan unique to each child based on the child’s age, health history and current health, as well as the tic disorder they are experiencing. Treatment also is based on:

  • Level of disruption or stress caused by a tic
  • Child’s tolerance for medications, procedures or therapies
  • Expected course of the condition
  • Preferences of children and families


The Norton Children’s Neuroscience Institute Tics and Tourette Clinic core team consists of board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians, advanced practice providers, therapists, nurses and other health care professionals in various specialties, including:


Norton Children’s Neuroscience Institute Tics and Tourette Clinic
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Tics and Tourettes Clinic – 9590

Norton Children’s Neuroscience Institute Tics and Tourette Clinic

(502) 588-9590

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