Home & BMW Raffle past winners and prizes

Congratulations to our past Norton Children’s Hospital Home & BMW Raffle winners!

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Home: Mary Ann Yann, ticket number 05220

BMW: Jackie Firkins, ticket number 09299

Groceries for a year:  Ronald Tucker, ticket number 03733

Technology package: Gail Young, ticket number 05846

Gas for a year: Joseph Johnson, ticket number 04447


Home: Michael Tompkins, ticket number 10191

BMW: Crystal White, ticket number 11439

Groceries for a year: Wanda Franklin, ticket number 06142

Technology package: Rick Vowels, ticket number 02111

Gas for a year: Patricia Riley, ticket number 05212


Home: Robin Mitchell, ticket number 09966

BMW: Hitomi Okumura, ticket number 03122

Groceries for a year: Bonnie Moser, ticket number 05552

Technology package: Bernadine Wheatley, ticket number 02733

Gas for a year: Richard Sceifers, ticket number 02178


Home: John Barron, Prospect, Kentucky; ticket number 07347

BMW: Sari Norris, Louisville, Kentucky; ticket number 03144

Groceries for a year: Anne Mosely, Owensboro, Kentucky; ticket number 02264

Technology package: Christopher Aponte, Floyds Knobs, Indiana; ticket number 04180

Gas for a year: Ferenc Nagy, Crestwood, Kentucky; ticket number 03133


BMW: Malcolm Carraco, Carrolton, KY; ticket number 00407

Home: Deborah Kipper, Riverside, CA; ticket number 00352

Groceries for a Year: Richard Stocke, Louisville, KY; ticket 05442

Technology Package: Anthony J. Manni, Prospect, KY; ticket 04777

Gas for a Year: Kathleen Lambert, Louisville, KY ticket 02308


BMW: Ann E. Bell, Louisville, KY; ticket number 08499

Home: Daniel B Haddix, Crestwood, KY; ticket number 10996

Groceries for a Year: Brenda Reiss Louisville, KY; ticket 07223

Technology Package: Carl Bright, Louisville, KY; ticket 05583

Gas for a year: Denise Burns Floyds Knobs, IN ticket 00002


Home: Susan Barrios, Prospect, Kentucky; ticket No. 6376

BMW: Debbie Waiz, Sellersburg, Indiana; ticket No. 01329

Grocery: Barbara Bernard, Leitchfield, Kentucky; ticket No. 6541

Curved 4K LED smart TV: Bonnie Johnson, Mortons Gap, Kentucky; ticket No. 04864

Gas for a year: Dustin Ginn, Lexington, Kentucky; ticket No. 04944

Open house prize 1 (patio furniture): Norma Jean Milby

Open house prize 2 (crib): Mary Kendall


Home: Denise Debski, Louisville, Kentucky

BMW: Tony Missi, Floyds Knobs, Indiana

Grocery: Robert Eaton, Louisville, Kentucky

Open house prize: Kim Valentine, Goshen, Kentucky


Home: Tanya Supplee, Carrollton, Kentucky

BMW: Brian Porter, Louisville, Kentucky

Grocery: Carrie Dupin, Louisville, Kentucky

Open house prize: Linda William, Louisville, Kentucky


Home: Ken Prince, Bardstown, Kentucky

BMW: Kim Acton, Louisville, Kentucky

Grocery: Nathan Nicholson, Sellersburg, Indiana

Open house prize: Michael Walling, Prospect, Kentucky


Home: Laura Lee, Crestwood, Kentucky

BMW: Dennis Richerson, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Grocery: Monica Breitholle, Louisville, Kentucky

Open house prize: Norma Cardwell, Louisville, Kentucky


Home: Warren Shelton, Louisville, Kentucky

BMW: Jack Gerughty, Prospect, Kentucky

Grocery: Tetteh Narteh, Louisville, Kentucky

Open house prize: Paul Worthem, Louisville, Kentucky


Home: Mechele Skaggs, Louisville, Kentucky

BMW: Karen Sutton, Louisville, Kentucky

Grocery: Steve Hancock, Louisville, Kentucky

Open house prize: T.J. Shaw, Jeffersonville, Indiana