Help change the life of a child by making a donation today.

Families throughout our region depend on Norton Children’s to care for their children’s needs. As a not-for-profit organization, Norton Children’s relies on the generosity of people like you to support our mission of serving all children, regardless of their families’ ability to pay.

There are many different ways to give to Norton Children’s Hospital and its sister facilities, including PayPal, Venmo, cryptocurrency and stock options. See our list below to determine which option is best for you. 

Your tax-deductible gift helps us provide for the physical and emotional health of more than 215,000 children each year.  Thank you!

Contact Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation:
(502) 420-4299

Donating Cryptocurrency to Norton Children’s Hospital

When you click on the button below, a unique wallet address for Norton Children’s Hospital will be generated. You can then send your selected amount of cryptocurrency to that wallet address. You will receive a donation receipt, and Norton Children’s Hospital will receive the donation in U.S. dollars. Thank you for your generosity.

Leaving a Legacy Gift

Are you interested in leaving a legacy? Click here for more information on how to make a gift that keeps on giving for years to come

Donating Gifts of Appreciated Stocks, Securities and Mutual Funds

Securities and mutual funds that have increased in value and been held for more than one year are popular assets to use when making a gift to Norton Children’s Hospital. Making a gift of securities or mutual funds offers you the chance to support our work while realizing important benefits for yourself. 

It’s easy to transfer!

If your securities are in a brokerage account, ask your broker to transfer them to the foundation’s account at Fifth Third Bank financial. Your broker will need the following information:

Fifth Third Bank
DTC #0226
Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation
Account #069-172639

If you decide to use this method, contact Adam Fields, system director, planned giving and major gifts, Norton Children’s Hospital Foundation:

(502) 420-4275

Ways to Support

Norton Children’s Hospital serves all families regardless of their ability to pay. As part of a not-for-profit organization, Norton Children’s facilities rely on the generosity of the community to help fulfill our mission to provide for the physical and emotional health of children from birth to adulthood. It takes the generosity of everyone in the community to enable Norton Children’s to be here for all children when they need us.

There are so many ways to support Norton Children’s Hospital! Make a donation, attend an event, start your own online or in-person fundraiser or collect much-needed items from our Wish List. Find the right fit for you from the options here or email us with your idea!

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