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Elementary students raise $40,000 for Norton Children’s Hospital

North Harrison Elementary School students raised $41,179.46 for Norton Children’s Hospital — the most the school has raised in more than 30 years of fundraisers. The Ramsey, Indiana, students raised $41,179.46 for Norton Children’s Hospital […]

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Teaching lawn mower safety tips can help your child avoid serious injuries

Practicing lawn mower safety Injuries involving lawn care equipment can have devastating consequences, and families should teach lawn mower safety tips to their children. Children can be injured or killed during lawn mower accidents, and […]

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New breakthrough drugs for cystic fibrosis are helping kids feel better

There is no cure for cystic fibrosis (CF), but breakthrough new drugs recently have been approved for children as young as 4 months, with more in the research stages that target the genetic mutations responsible [...]

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A minor cut or scrape can lead to septic arthritis in children

What is septic arthritis in children? Septic arthritis is a painful infection that occurs inside of a joint, including the joint fluid (synovial fluid) or surrounding joint tissues. “Septic arthritis in children is caused by […]

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Oído de nadador vs. infección del oído y cómo saber diferenciarlos

This story is also available in English Comprender las diferencias entre el oído del nadador y las infecciones del oído y cómo reconocerlas puede ser difícil. El dolor de oído y las infecciones son comunes […]

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